Il mood che si respira all’interno di questo appartamento nasce dalla volontà di portare nell’ambiente domestico la tranquillità che caratterizza lo spazio esterno: tende eleganti semi-trasparenti e linee morbide, pur giocando con i contrasti, che risultano essere un punto fermo di tale progetto.


Corso Vittorio, Torino

Project Type

Interior design




Location: Corso Vittorio, Torino

Project Type :
Interior design

Year :

Warm and cool colors blend together to create an elegant and characterful kitchen and living area. The palette ranges from the leather tones of Calligaris chairs to the neutral colors of the Flexform Soft Dream sofa; all framed by the living room wall and the kitchen, both Skill models by Modulnova.

The choice of lighting plays a very important role, with all models belonging to the DCW company adding character and grit to the entire project.

The style present in the living area is also expressed in this area of the house, which in its simplicity also hides a niche dedicated to study.

The lighting project continues harmoniously in the sleeping area where we find two pendant lights also from the DCW company, In The Sun model.

The Senzafine wardrobe model by Poliform was designed with the aim of creating a work environment discreetly without sacrificing its original function too much.

The protagonist of the room is definitely the freestanding Steel bed model by Lago, which thanks to its elegant steel supports adds character to the environment without sacrificing functionality.

A space where needs change: we are faced with a decidedly more playful and lively environment, where even the heights of the furnishings are designed based on the needs of those who will live in this room; ensuring them a certain autonomy, because for us, this is also design.

L'architetto del progetto

Matteo Clara