The atmosphere inside this apartment is born from the desire to bring the tranquility that characterizes the outdoor space into the domestic environment: elegant semi-transparent curtains and soft lines, while playing with contrasts, which are a cornerstone of this project.


Colline torinesi

Project Type

Interior design




Location: Colline torinesi

Project Type :
Interior design



Contrast plays an important role in this project, with light tones of the parquet and sofa contrasting with the dark tones of the bookcase and Modulnova kitchen, which shows a rigor in its forms and interacts with the calm tone of the Novamobili sofa, creating a contemporary and relaxed atmosphere.


The living area comes to life thanks to a painting by George Gabor titled “The painters in an abstract space” carefully selected to be in harmony, while also adding liveliness and character to the project.

A unique feature is that in this space, it is possible to talk about both an open space and a kitchen separated from the living area, thanks to the presence of an elegant sliding glass door.


The clean and linear lines of the furniture in the bedroom area are signed by Lago and create an environment that defies gravity with its search for suspension in order to explore the concept of lightness within our homes. An iconic example of the search for essential and light design.

L'architetto del progetto

Matteo Clara