The project stems from the client’s desire to reproduce a Lago house, whose identity we see reflected in the entirety of the project: from the kitchen, to the TV area, to the bathroom, all characterized by a consistent and recognizable taste.



Project Type

Interior design




Location: Torino

Project Type:
Interior design


The main characteristics of the entire project are the idea of suspension, lightness, modularity, and the use of color, which plays a fundamental role, but in a non-impactful key, rather subtle, always remaining very elegant.

A taste made of essential lines, which we also see expressed in the Lagolinea bookcase: slim and light, free from rigid schemes to experience a higher quality living experience.

The open space environment is divided by the Sanders sofa from Ditre Italia, a playful product with many facets that becomes a place of rest but also sharing, enhancing the surrounding environment even more.

The thread of lightness continues in the bathroom as well: suspended furniture to ensure maximum cleanliness in an environment that must increasingly become a temple for our psychophysical well-being.

L'architetto del progetto

Matteo Clara